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Strategic Tax Planning & Preparation

The outreach and interest we have had for Strategic Tax has been overwhelming.  Thank you!

Countless people have told us how excited they are to be able to combine their investment management and tax preparation under one roof to further simplify their financial lives and streamline their financial plan.

In order to best keep track of your interest in tax planning we have created a quick form to allow us to get you the appropriate tax organizer documents.  Please remember that once we have done your taxes the first year, the ongoing management and maintenance will be drastically easier and more efficient in the coming years.

Please complete this one-minute form below.  This will allow us to save your spot and open your file.  We will also use the information to send you the appropriate tax organizer forms.

Five reasons to consider Strategic Tax for this year:

  1. Having one phone number to call for all your Financial Planning, Investment Planning and Tax needs is just EASY!
  2. Strategic Tax uses Lacerte software, which is the top of the line tax software from Intuit (which means it is like TurboTax on steroids).  Better software means more customization and flexibility on your taxes.
  3. Your Financial Planner will not have to say, “Check with your CPA to verify if a recommendation makes sense from a tax perspective”.  They will have already walked down the hall to verify for you.
  4. Your Strategic Tax CPA can walk down the hall to get your advisor’s input regarding how taxes might impact your overall plan (i.e. how much to contribute to retirement accounts, should we use RMD’s as charitable contributions).
  5. Did we mention that having just one phone number for all your Financial Planning, Investment Planning and Tax needs is just EASY!

Contact us

If you are interested in having Strategic Tax prepare your 2017 Tax Return, please fill out this form to save your spot and open your file.  Let’s get your taxes done so you can check them off your list.

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