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Financial Planning

Strategic Income Group can help you overcome your most challenging financial obstacles and show you how to build a brighter financial future.

We do this by walking you through the Three Phases of Wealth, a financial planning process developed by our very own Michael Gauthier, CFP®.

The Three Phases of Wealth financial planning process includes steps to help you:

  • Create a working budget
  • Put in place appropriate insurance policies
  • Personalize your estate plan
  • Pay off debt without using expensive debt consolidation companies
  • Build an emergency fund you can rely on in case of a job loss or other financial burden
  • Accumulate wealth through sound investments and proper savings goals
  • Prepare for retirement by securing multiple income streams
  • Determine appropriate Social Security and pension maximization strategies
  • Set up a Strategic Reserve Account to control cash flow out of retirement accounts

Our top-notch team of professionals have the experience it takes to evaluate all aspects of your situation and guide you to the most beneficial solutions.

How do we evaluate all aspects of your situation? As a client of Strategic Income Group, we utilize the most comprehensive financial planning softwares available in the industry. Our technology suite allows us to bring together account assets and information so that we can track financial progress against goals. In addition, when you hire us to manage your investments, we’ll provide you access to your financial planning portal – a convenient way to access all of your financial plan so that we can work together as a team.

Additionally, we offer a multitude of services so that you can sit back, relax, and know that we have you covered.

We have a fiduciary responsibility to look after your interests, not our own. It’s all about you, our client, and we’ll fight to make sure you can make the most of your money.

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