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Welcome to Strategic Income Group!

Strategic Income Group offers a variety of financial services designed to help you reach your goals. We strive to be your premier financial resource for everything you need.

Our team of financial professionals is abundantly equipped to address your financial concerns, complications, and unique situation. Our comprehensive approach and credentials are what makes us stand out from the rest.

Our Mission

Create peace of mind, by providing honest, disciplined and personalized financial advice, so that our clients can focus on what matters most.

Core Values

To Be Trusted Advocates: Lifetime commitment to the client’s best interest

To Be Disciplined: Unwavering commitment to the “Three Phases of Wealth”

To Pursue Excellence: Constantly improving as an organization

If you’re ready to start your journey to financial stability and freedom, read all about our financial planning process and services below.

Where Are You in the Three Phases of Wealth?

The Three Phases of Wealth, developed by our very own Michael Gauthier, CFP®, is an effective financial planning process that gives order to financial goals and encourages proper money management.

Take a look at these phases and see where you should begin:

Phase I: The Foundation Phase

No matter, your age, income or net worth, we help every client make sure that they have a solid financial foundation to protect their present and be prepared for their future.

Phase II: The Accumulating Wealth Phase

The Accumulating Wealth Phase occurs while you’re still working, before retirement. In this phase, we recommend you sit down with one of our financial professionals to complete needs analysis.

Phase III: The Strategic Income Phase

Focus on ensuring eternal assets to sustain your lifestyle, enabling you to draw income from diverse sources without the risk of depletion.

How We Can Help You?

Our comprehensive array of financial services can help you in each phase of the Three Phases of Wealth. Here’s a summary of what we have to offer (click a link to read more about that particular service):

Financial Planning

Financial Planning begins with us listening to your financial concerns, needs, and questions. Our goal is to find the best possible solutions that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. These services would be right for you if you’re in any of the Three Phases of Wealth.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning ensures that your assets are properly transferred at your passing to your named beneficiaries and your will is carried out should you not be able to make critical decisions. Don’t let the government decide who gets what. Let your living will express your wishes. Learn how trusts and wills can help you leave a strong legacy. These services would be right for you if you’re in the first phase of the Three Phases of Wealth.

Investment Management

Investment Management ensures your retirement and other investment assets are properly handled. Whether you are just starting to invest, are a long-time investor, or are seeking to start taking retirement distributions, allow our Financial Planners to recommend portfolios that will work for your situation. These services would be right for you if you’re in the second or third phase of the Three Phases of Wealth.

Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning is designed to put in place appropriate insurance policies to transfer risk away from your financial assets. Secure your wealth by allowing us to complete detailed analysis of your insurance needs and provide policies tailored to your situation. These services would be right for you if you’re in the first phase of the Three Phases of Wealth.

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