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Estate Planning

Everyone has an estate plan issued by the state where they live.

Unfortunately, it includes a very expensive probate process, very little control, and no privacy.

Strategic Income Group can help you identify areas of improvement for your estate plan.

We’ll help you identify documents that make sure that in the event of your death:

  • Your assets go to the proper beneficiaries.
  • Your estate has proper privacy protections.
  • Your minor children are put in the care of the proper guardians.

We’ll also help you identify documents that will make sure that in the event of injury or disability:

  • Your life support wishes are honored.
  • You’re cared for should you not be able to take care for yourself.
  • You maximize tax returns and create long-term income streams.

You can further organize your estate planning information using WealthVision, a program provided to Strategic Income Group clients who invest with us. You can see account assets and other important pieces of information regarding your financial life in one place.

We’ll explain will-based and trust-based plans, durable power of attorney, healthcare power of attorney, and more in plain English. We can also look at advanced strategies for gifting to charities, creating irrevocable trusts, and completing succession planning.

Disclosure: We vet out and use services from, Certified Legal Document Preparers and Attorney’s.  We work with you to customize your estate plan and determine the right document provider that is economical and best suits your families needs.

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