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Strategic Planning Center (EMX):

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EMX is the independent financial planning software we utilize at Strategic Income Group. This software helps us bring together account assets and information for the purpose of tracking financial progress against goals.

EMX helps us provide a comprehensive view of all assets in one place with real-time asset values for our clients’ financial plans.

Take a look at the home page of EMX and how you can see your financial life in one place:

Here’s another example:

EMX also helps us determine the long-term viability of a financial plan. For example, take a look at the screenshot below for example of how many portfolios look over time:

By helping our clients identify areas for improvement, such as in lowering their expenses, EMX shows our clients the difference that can be made over time to maintain their portfolio over the long-term:

EMX helps clients of our financial planning service see the big picture of their financial situation – and it’s fully integrated with our investment management service.

Get the information you need, stay in control, and make smarter decisions today with EMX!

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