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Sage Stamm

Client Service Associate

Sage Stamm

Client Service Associate

Sage started with Strategic Income Group in March of 2019 as our Administrative Associate, while maintaining a retail management position. She quickly demonstrated an aptitude for client service and dedication to pursuing excellence resulting in her promotion to Client Service Associate in January of 2020. Sage’s adaptability and devotion to accurately implementing procedures make her a valuable addition to the team. In May 2022, Sage transitioned to working full-time solely at Strategic Income Group.

In every professional undertaking, Sage has rapidly risen to challenges and been rewarded with higher-level responsibilities. In her current role, Sage provides support in scheduling clients, managing calendars, and being a first point of contact for a plethora of client requests. Additionally, Sage uses her experience with our systems to complete client meeting preparation and alternative investment purchases. 

Sage lives in her hometown of Chandler surrounded by family and friends that motivate and inspire her. When not at work, Sage spends time with her loved ones doing what she loves – traveling, going to concerts, watching scary movies, and reading books. 

Who inspires me: My dad inspires me with his willingness to be selfless and put others needs above his own. My best friend, Jess, inspires me with her loyalty and positive outlook on life. My other best friend, Rosie, inspires me with her conviction in her beliefs and her resilience.

My greatest extravagance (under $100): I love to collect vinyl pressings of all my favorite albums, especially limited-edition colorways.

In my spare time: I love to read and with a month left to go in 2022, have read 53 books so far this year. I enjoy seeing all my favorite bands and have traveled to different places for five concerts in the last year. 

Favorite destination: I make a habit of frequenting Disneyland during the Halloween season, as I love all things spooky. If I had to pick anywhere to go for an extended time though, it would have to be New York City. I love the fast-paced hustle and bustle of the city and the comradery that comes with being surrounded by people.

Why I love what I do: I am a very analytical thinker and like being in a position that allows me to use organizational skills in order to complete tasks. In an industry with its foundation in relationships, I enjoy working at a firm that earns its clients’ confidence with integrity and being thorough.

Favorite Quote: Many people are dividing and a world apart with just one heart is bound to keel and fade away. None of us will be deciding and the fate of man is in the hands of he who stands and heeds the call. – Black Smoke Rising by Greta Van Fleet