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Quarterly Strategic Insights

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The Case For High Yield Bonds

The Case for High Yield Bonds In the 1970’s and 80’s, if you wanted to buy a low-quality company’s bond, you would in essence be buying a “junk” bond.  There
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The Tale of Two Couples

There’s a question that has been around ever since mortgages existed. It’s widely debated – a hot topic – and your answer to the question can profoundly affect your financial
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Strategic Reserve Accounts

Strategic Income Group employs a number of strategies to help you get the most out of your investments. One of those strategies – one that sets us apart from many other
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Dollar-Cost Averaging and Reverse Dollar-Cost Averaging

At Strategic Income Group, we pay close attention to the effects of dollar-cost averaging and reverse dollar-cost averaging. Why? Great question! The bottom line is that these realities have the power to increase or
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Stacking Term Life Insurance Policies

Should you or your spouse pass away, would your family have the means to continue to make the mortgage payment or even put dinner on the table? When breadwinners pass
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