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Certified Fiduciary Services

Estate/Trust Administration

Strategic Income Group recommends that clients consider naming a private fiduciary company in estate planning paperwork. A fiduciary is someone who accepts the responsibility of handling the personal and/or financial affairs of a client solely for the benefit of that client, when the client is unable to manage their affairs. A fiduciary is not just for people who do not have trusted family or friends to help.


Estate/Trust Administration
at Certified Fiduciary Services

Strategic Income Group is proud to partner with Certified Fiduciary Services, Inc., a licensed, bonded, private fiduciary group serving the elderly and incapacitated population of Arizona, since 1999.

Certified Fiduciary Services, Inc., (CFS) provides specialized services including, but not limited to: 

  • Trust Administration as Trustee
  • Estate administration as Personal Representative
  • Health Care and Financial Power of Attorney

Certified Fiduciary Services, Inc., also accepts Arizona Supreme Court Appointment as Guardian, Conservator, Personal Representative and Trustee. Court appointments can occur when individuals do not have estate planning paperwork.

The dedicated team at CFS serve a diverse client demographic, with compassion, competence and exemplified industry knowledge.



Clients of Strategic Income Group can benefit from fiduciary services, especially those who are elderly, incapacitated, or have a family member who is. Coupling the wealth management services of Strategic Income Group with the estate/trust administration services of Certified Fiduciary Services, Inc. can offer family members peace of mind, a clear financial plan, and robust implementation.


Getting Started

Call or sit down with a financial planner at Strategic Income Group to explore your needs and develop a financial plan. Strategic Income Group may recommend the services of Certified Fiduciary Services, Inc., and explain how those services may benefit you with your financial and personal goals.

Learn more about Certified Fiduciary Services, Inc., by visiting, or by calling their office at (623) 977-6310.

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